Walk Missions USA | Chris Dew Ministries

Walk’s first project with Chris Dew Ministries Dec 2017

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When we decided to start serving others through video ministry, we began within the  reach of our home in Anderson, South Carolina. We began conversations with Chris Dew Ministries. Chris has a truly amazing testimony for Jesus of a life healed and freed from massive drug addiction and now shares his story around the country to Churches and youth groups full time. They had a need to present  his story on video for his website. That’s where WALK came in. We produced Chris’ story including editing, all for no charge. When they posted the video to facebook, they quickly had over 5,000 views and 200 shares within one week meaning his testimony showed up in approximately 200,000 people feeds. That is an amazing reach through one post, and  just one reason we are convinced this is what the Lord called us to do. Here’s a pic of Chris and our crew!

Here is what Chris had to say about WALK Missions and the services we to provided Chris Dew Ministries:

“Walk did a video for our ministry, which has greatly blessed our mission. Working together was a joy and the video was excellent in every way. It had an organic reach of 31,000 on Facebook, which is exponentially more than anything we've ever done. We've heard many stories of people coming to Christ after seeing the video. We are planning to use them for our next video series and I would highly recommend them to you.”

Check out their website HERE! Watch the video we produced for them below.

It was a pleasure to serve Chris Dew Ministries and we fully support the work that they do in sharing the Gospel internationally. WALK didn’t stop here with CDM. We have been consulting with them further on current videos that they are working on. Our desire is not to just provide a video “one and done” but continue to “WALK” with our clients offering training in video production, consulting on current projects and still offering to produce new videos on an as needed basis. We want to help the Gospel go further, faster by providing ministries with the video resources they need to communicate effectively to their supporters and compelling content that aids in adding new supporters that will keep their ministry alive and relevant.