Walk Missions Costa Rica | Camp Brittney

Walk’s first international trip, Jan 2018


WALK was asked to help a Christian Camp in Costa Rica tell their story through video to reach more people for Jesus. The ultimate goal  was to inspire more American volunteers to come and serve at the camp, to help raise funds for camp improvements so they can have a greater impact on the next generation of lost and broken children living in poverty. Located in Atenas, Costa Rica, Camp Brittney is a ministry dedicated to reaching Costa Rican people by promoting God’s  word and love of Jesus Christ by providing a place where children, youth, and adults can go to escape their terrible living conditions. The camp was founded when a young girl named Brittany was tragically killed in a plane crash along with her entire family. Brittany had participated in missions trips there, and felt a calling to serve the Lord after she graduated from high school. Although she didn’t get to be there physically, her story has changed lives. We got to be a part of telling that story. WALK is  providing a video for the camp to encourage volunteers and build fundraising. We are also providing a video for the local Church that supports and runs the camp. Finally we were able to create a promo video for the camp to help invite the community next year.

Watch the promo video HERE

Joshua ChapmonCamp Brittney