Putting feet to stories so the Gospel will go further, faster.




First and most importantly pray for us! Prayer is a powerful tool and must not be taken for granted. Without your prayers and the Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf there’s no way we could travel safely around the world and see lives changed by the gospel. Please email us and let us know that you’re praying.


If any of you are on social media you may have heard of this thing called “Trending” or going “Viral” now these terms are thrown around, but the reality is the more people that “like”, “share” and especially if you “share” a link with a personal note the chances of these videos being seen are multiplied significantly.  Imagine if a thousand friends all shared to their thousand friends? That’s a reach of 1 Million people! Now that’s a way we can make a difference! Click below on our social media links to share and write a comments about our ministry.


The heart and foundation of our mission is to incorporate volunteers as much as possible and from as many countries as possible. We would love to WALK with you, learn with you and produce projects with you. So if you are a writer, social media specialist, artist, animator, video editor or cinematographer and you would like to go on a trip or help with a project please contact us HERE.


In our opinion, generosity is an act of kindness that has the best return on investment in the world! We promise to maximize every dollar of your investment. Whether it’s ten dollars or 10 million, every financial gift is appreciated and stewarded to the best of our ability. We at WALK wish to honor the Lord with our finances. If you would like to donate to WALK, you can send a check to the address below, or donate using the cash app to $WALKmissions, via Venmo @WALKmissions or you can donate through paypal by sending payment to josh@walkmissions.com

WALK is currently working on our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Until we receive nonprofit status we are unable to offer tax exemption on your donations.