Scott Wall


Scott Wall was born in Rutherfordton  N.C. and was a career welder and jack of all trades...seriously there’s not much Scott can’t do! In 2008 after 20 years of experience he was no longer able to physically do his job. Through this trial and time of change in his life the Lord gave him an opportunity to go back to school at the age of 48 he achieved certificates in photography and video editing. Having served as a volunteer at NewSpring Church for nine years he began to bring his new skills to the table. Scott serves taking pictures during baptisms and special events. He also began to serve KidSpring on video shoots alongside Josh. They have served together since 2014 and Scott helped shoot and edit the first two projects for Walk. He has a great eye for composition, and is a talented photographer and videographer, but most of all he has a servant’s heart and is willing to do whatever it takes, many times serving through physical pain. Scott’s passion is photography and flying his drone when he’s not at home working on his tractor. Scott is married to Teresa who is the owner of a successful local salon. Together they have  three kids and four grandkids. Scott is a crucial member of the team and has volunteered all of his time and talents for no charge! He is a true example of a servant and wishes to serve the Global Church through his talents!